Outlet Polska

Company calculation
We present a calculator that helps you to count all costs of running your store / warehouse.

After finishing calculations you will be able to send your results to your email.
An email with your results is being sent to our consultants, who will contact you and discuss every aspect and assumptions you put in.
The data adopted for the calculation is our suggestion based on our own experience and the experience of our customers, and can not be taken literally and binding for your business and its individual circumstances and opportunities.
If you want to know the exact assumptions we took for the purposes of calculations, please contact us.

Legal terms:
Using and drawing conclusions from the calculations based on this application cannot be the basis for any claim on the part of the beneficiary to Outlet Polska Bilik sp.j.
Calculations should not be treated as binding on either party. The calculations are designed only as an aid to further calculations and planning of your individual business.

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